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Services and expertise

We develop solutions covering the entire spectrum of management. These solutions are rooted in our experience from many years of cooperation with companies of all organisational types, sizes and sectors. Get a better understanding of our services and expertise here.

Easy Sign up Process

We understand that our clients often need to act quickly to take up a contract. Therefore, here at Kas Consulting, we have a simple and efficient sign up process that will get you up and running, providing complete confidence that your structure, invoicing, and tax obligations will be fully taken care of.

Yes, you can join Kas Consuting today for free and leave any time for free. There are no joining fees or exit fees, how easy is that?

Invoicing Services

If you traditionally worked as an employee, it’s easy to get confused about contracting, taxes and Invoicing. At Kas Consulting, our team will ensure you fully understand the options that are available to you to manage your invoicing and payments whilst you contract! We have helped thousands of first time contractors set up under an umbrella company, get in touch!

Same Day Payments

Unlike many of our competitors, Kas consulting offers same day payments as standard. If funds in our account before 3pm, we will ensure that payment is made to you (via Faster Payments) the same day.

Free Insurance Cover

One of the most important parts of being a contractor is winning new business and most clients and hirers will only take on contractors who they have faith in and feel secure working with. These days, they not only need to trust the contractor but they need to now that the contractor is covered if things go wrong and consequently will only hire contractors who have all the necessary insurance in place. Insurance therefore has a double benefit – covering you for rainy days and showing new clients that you have brought an umbrella in case it rains!

Personal Manager

You have a job to do, and you want to get paid for that job promptly, correctly and with as few distractions as possible and a minimum of extra work. Additionally, the experience of dealing with your employer should be stress and trouble free. The best umbrella company will be one that makes this happen.  Also, when you do need to talk to someone, your dedicated Employee Relationship Manager is easy to reach, and always happy to help. 

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  • Free IR35 contract reviews
  • DOTAS registration not required
  • No offshore intermediary issues
  • Full HMRC compliance
  • Assistance setting up insurances

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